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If you have recently gotten a speeding ticket never fear!

If you have recently gotten a speeding ticket never fear!

This article will help you and give you the foundation and rules for contesting a speeding ticket. Did you know that it is your right to contest a speeding ticket? And even if you have gotten a speeding ticket recently that doesn’t mean you automatically have to pay it. There are ways to get out of a speeding ticket in court. Visit this websitemoving violation attorney

Believe it or not, there are many ways to get out of a speeding ticket by contesting it. Most people aren’t aware of the strategies involved in contesting a speeding ticket, but this article will give you a baseline and a strategy ands hare with you some of the things I have used.

You must realize this as fact #1: Confront the brutal reality. You got a ticket. That is step 1. Yes, your insurance rates can go sky high! Yes, your legal fees and fines and ticket fees can be astronomical–so it does no good to ignore this.

You must realize this as fact #2: Realize that if you are willing you can learn how to win by contesting a speeding ticket. Yes, it is possible to win, and to not have to pay your ticket.

Here are some tips, rules, and guidance.

Step #1: Delay, delay, delay. If you are going to go to court you can file a continuance. What is a continuance? A continuance will allow you to delay your trial. This is important if you are thinking about contesting a speeding ticket, because you need time to prepare. How do you file a continuance? Easy. Call up the court or the clerk’s office in your county to where you received the speeding ticket, and ask them how. They should be able to tell you how.

Step #2: Prepare, prepare, prepare. In contesting a speeding ticket you need to realize that there are strategies you can use to win the case. Some of these involve radar guns, some of them involve training of the radar guns, and some of them will cause you to win so easily that you laugh at how easy it was. But, You must be prepared if you are thinking of contesting a speeding ticket. It does no good at all just to show up unprepared.

Step #3: Dress professionally. Be well groomed. Show up early or go to traffic court a few days before (or weeks) to see how the process works. See if you can watch the judge. The more familiar you are with the situation, the more comfortable you will be. It is your God-given right to defend yourself! If you show up wearing blue jeans, unshaven, and look like riffraff, you will be treated like riffraff. A judge who is responsible for traffic court will probably be bored and tired of dealing with people. He or she will be glad to see someone who is professional who is contesting a speeding ticket. If you impress the judge, you can win.

Step #4: Always be polite, always be nice, and always be thorough. Kindness helps everyone. Perhaps you can plead to a lesser charge. Did you know that the one thing the court system wants more than anything is money? Of course it is…at least in traffic court this is the case. So, you can get out of a speeding ticket, many times, by agreeing to a different set of terms when you are contesting a speeding ticket. Sometimes the fee will be expensive, but, the court and government get their money, and you don’t have points go on your license.traffic ticket attorney

Step #5: Never admit that you were speeding. I’ve seen people do this all the time. Your Honor, I was written a ticket for going 17 miles over the speed limit. I was only going 12 miles per hour over!

While technically you are “not guilty” of speeding at 17 miles over the speed limit, it doesn’t matter! The judge (and prosecutor) and police officer will all laugh—either inside our out loud because you just admitted that you WERE speeding. They don’t technically care that it was off by 5mph.

If you are considering contesting a speeding ticket then you need to know these strategies up front.

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