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Frequently Asked Questions About Accidents

Frequently Asked Questions About Accidents

What if I want to make a claim for my injuries?
What if someone sues me?
Should I get physical check-up after the accident?
How can I get help?
What should I do if the other driver does not have insurance?
How does attorney fee structures work?
What is attorney-client privilege?

1) What if I want to make a claim for my injuries?
If the other driver was at fault, you may be entitled to compensation – for your personal injuries, pain and suffering, car damage and other expenses, such as lost wages or the cost of a nurse needed after the accident. You should make a claim with the other driver’s insurance company a.s.a.p . But, if you are not satisfied with the amount they offer, you may want to contact a attorney . personal injury attorneys
If you plan to sue, do not delay. There are time limits for filing various types of claims – usually one to two year after the accident, but sometimes much less so act quickly, you can sue for $5,000 or less in small claims court. A lawyer can’t represent you in this court, but you can talk with one beforehand.
If you want to sue for a larger amount, you will need your own lawyer. An insurance company lawyer cannot represent you if you are the person who is suing (the”plaintiff”). Many lawyers take accident cases on a contingent “fee” basis. That means you do not pay the lawyer if you lose the case. If you win, you pay the lawyer a percentage of the money you get. Most lawyers charge a smaller percentage if the case is settled before the lawyer does all the work necessary to go to trial. If you and your lawyer agree to a contingent fee, the lawyer must put the agreement in writing and give you a signed copy. The contract should explain what percentage the lawyer will get if you win and how it might vary. It should also state who will pay for any court costs.

2) What if someone sues me?
Contact your insurance agent and/or your lawyer right away. Generally, your insurance company will assign a lawyer to handle your case. But, if you are sued for more money than your policy covers, you may need your own attorney too. Also, insurance company lawyers do not handle traffic citations or criminal cases, such as hit and run charges. If you are charged with a crime and cannot afford a lawyer, call your county’s Public Defender. Depending on your income, you may qualify for free assistance. To find the Public Defender, look in the white pages under the name of your county.

3) Should I get physical check-up after the accident?
A check-up may be a good idea for both you and your passengers. You could be injured and not know it right away. At least call your doctor or another health care provider for help in deciding what your needs may be. Your automobile insurance may pay your health care bills.car accident lawyers

4) How can I get help?
As soon as you can get to telephone, call 911. Explain the situation and give your exact locations, so help can arrive quickly. Be sure to mention whether you need an ambulance or a fire engine. Or, flag down a passing car, and ask the driver to go for help. Perhaps the driver will a cellular phone in the car and can make an emergency call on the spot.

5) What should I do if the other driver does not have insurance?
If the other driver caused the accident and is not insured, your own policy will pay for your personal injuries – if you have “uninsured motorist” or medical payments” coverage. If the other driver’s insurance is not enough to pay for all of your damages, your own insurance may pay the difference – if you have “underinsured motorist” coverage. If you do not have these kinds of insurance or if your damages are more than the policy’s limit, you can sue the other driver. However, even if you win the case, you cannot be sure that the other driver has the money to pay. If you have collision insurance, it will pay for damage to your car, no matter who is at fault.

6) How does attorney fee structures work?
Most attorneys charge by the hour. Other fee structures include flat fees, contingent fees or retainer fees. The following provides a simple explanation of how each kind of fee structure works.
The hourly rate primarily depends on the attorney’s experience, although other factors include operating expenses and the location of the practice. An experienced attorney may also be able to give you a better estimate of how much (s)he will end up charging you. personal injury attorneys
Attorneys will charge a flat fee when dealing with a more common legal matter, such as composing a will or drafting bankruptcy filings. When dealing with a flat fee, ask what it covers.
Another common fee structure includes a retainer fee. Retainer fees involve creating an escrow account into which you pay in advance, and they deduct from this account in accordance with their hourly rate.
Attorneys occasionally use a contingent fee structure. In this kind of fee structure, the attorney does not charge any fees, but instead takes a percentage of the settlement (usually 33%) and fronts all costs related to bringing the matter. Contingent fee structures are usually used in personal injury cases and debt collection cases, but are not allowed in divorce, criminal or child custody cases.

7) What is attorney-client privilege?
Attorney-client privilege means that any legal information or matter that you discuss with your attorney cannot be discussed with anyone else. Aside from a few exceptions and unless you consent to release legal information pertaining to your case, s(he) is required, by law, to keep all of your information confidential

25 Apr

Most common Types of Car Accidents

Most common Types of Car Accidents

Car accidents come in all shapes and sizes, each one different from the next. However, most of them are similar in that they can cause serious injury, expense and frustration for those involved. Most of them also fall into one of a few different categories:

Head-on / front end collisions
Rear end collisions
Side impact collisions / t-bone collisions

Take a look at the information in the following pages to learn what type of car accident you’ve been involved in and what the risks are of each. Then, check out our Legal Options page to decide what you can do to recover from your accident and whether you need the help of a qualified and experienced car accident lawyer.

Rear end collisions

Rear end collisions occur when one driver strikes another at or near the rear of their car. These collisions can occur when the driver in front stops quickly or unexpectedly, causing the second driver to impact the first without the ability to stop. personal injury attorneysMore often, however, the second driver impacts the first who has slowed or stopped ahead when the second driver’s attention is diverted or distracted. Rear end collisions can cause injuries to the entire body, especially the neck, back, shoulders and knees of all drivers and passengers involved. Rear end collisions are especially dangerous to children traveling in either car.
If you are a passenger or driver of either car, it is important that you seek medical attention immediately should any symptoms begin after such an accident. Rear end collisions can be the fault of either driver so it is also very important that a qualified lawyer review your case soon after the accident.

Head on collisions
Head on collisions occur when two cars strike one another at or near the front of each car. accident injury lawyers san antonioThese collisions can occur when one driver runs into the lane of another, when one driver travels into an intersection or when a driver turns the wrong way down a street. This is often due to a lapse of attention, intoxication or negligence in driving.

Side Impact (T-bone) accidents
Side Impact accidents occur when one the front of one car strikes the side of another. These collisions can occur when one driver travels into an intersection or when one driver pulls out into the path of another. This is often due to a lapse of attention, intoxication, or negligence in driving. personal accident lawyers
If you or a loved one has been the victim of a car accident, you may be eligible to recover damages including pain and suffering, mental anguish, medical bills, lost wages, and more. Please contact us today for a FREE consultation with a qualified Florida car accident lawyer who can answer all your questions and ensure that your legal rights are protected.

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You Really Need A Car Accident Lawyer These Days

You Really Need A Car Accident Lawyer These Days

The road is full of cars and the more cars are on the road, the more likely a person can get hit by a vehicle or there is always a possibility that he can get caught in an accident whether he’s crossing the street, whether he’s driving a car or whether he’s just sitting at the back of the bus. Accidents do happen and there is nothing you can do about it. Once you’ve stepped out of your house, you are prone to it. You can be lucky enough if you have reached your destination without a scratch or a dent on you.personal injury attorneys

That is why, you really need a good car accident lawyer whenever you are involved in some mishap on the road because even with an excellent constitution, justice is not an automatic thing and more often than not you will need to fight to get it, you will need somebody to stay at your side who is well-versed with the said justice system and will always try to help you get out of the situation you’re in, whether you’re the victim or the person in-fault.

It is a reality that you have to accept and face and appreciate the fact that so many things can go wrong in your pursuit to get paid after a minor or horrific car accident which harms you in a bad way both physically and financially. A good experienced lawyer knows that time is of essence in collecting the right evidence from the scene of the accident before it vanishes forever. As what they say, ‘Justice delayed is justice denied’. A car accident lawyer will prove to court that you are not the one who provoked or started the accident and if you really are the one, he will help you make an appeal or whatever it is that will make everything easy for you.

It is reported that every year, there are more 4 million car accident-related injuries suffered and sadly in most cases the accidents could have easily been avoided. There are many reasons why accidents do happen and they can range from using cell phones while driving, crossing the street on a non-pedestrian lane, DUI or ‘driving under influence’, not following or ignoring traffic signals and signs and generally, reckless driving.

An excellent vehicle accident lawyer will need to quickly identify the real cause of the accident and then goes to prove on a court what really happened. If the lawyer cannot do this, then your high expectations of compensation will remain but just another hopeless dream and will remain a dream.accident injury attorneys

The accident lawyer that you are about to hire should be very observant and very keen and attentive to so many things especially where serious injury has occurred that could compromise the livelihood of the victim for the rest of their lives and will depend on the kind of compensation that they will get from that accident. The lawyer has awareness that inadequate compensation will mean a life of hellish misery for the victim.

That’s why, you need to find a good car accident lawyer and so as not to make you waste a lot of time and money looking for the best one, it’s best to search for them online. Right now, lots of lawyers have their own websites so they can cater to a lot of people who needed their help

About the Author:

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If you have recently gotten a speeding ticket never fear!

If you have recently gotten a speeding ticket never fear!

This article will help you and give you the foundation and rules for contesting a speeding ticket. Did you know that it is your right to contest a speeding ticket? And even if you have gotten a speeding ticket recently that doesn’t mean you automatically have to pay it. There are ways to get out of a speeding ticket in court. Visit this websitemoving violation attorney

Believe it or not, there are many ways to get out of a speeding ticket by contesting it. Most people aren’t aware of the strategies involved in contesting a speeding ticket, but this article will give you a baseline and a strategy ands hare with you some of the things I have used.

You must realize this as fact #1: Confront the brutal reality. You got a ticket. That is step 1. Yes, your insurance rates can go sky high! Yes, your legal fees and fines and ticket fees can be astronomical–so it does no good to ignore this.

You must realize this as fact #2: Realize that if you are willing you can learn how to win by contesting a speeding ticket. Yes, it is possible to win, and to not have to pay your ticket.

Here are some tips, rules, and guidance.

Step #1: Delay, delay, delay. If you are going to go to court you can file a continuance. What is a continuance? A continuance will allow you to delay your trial. This is important if you are thinking about contesting a speeding ticket, because you need time to prepare. How do you file a continuance? Easy. Call up the court or the clerk’s office in your county to where you received the speeding ticket, and ask them how. They should be able to tell you how.

Step #2: Prepare, prepare, prepare. In contesting a speeding ticket you need to realize that there are strategies you can use to win the case. Some of these involve radar guns, some of them involve training of the radar guns, and some of them will cause you to win so easily that you laugh at how easy it was. But, You must be prepared if you are thinking of contesting a speeding ticket. It does no good at all just to show up unprepared.

Step #3: Dress professionally. Be well groomed. Show up early or go to traffic court a few days before (or weeks) to see how the process works. See if you can watch the judge. The more familiar you are with the situation, the more comfortable you will be. It is your God-given right to defend yourself! If you show up wearing blue jeans, unshaven, and look like riffraff, you will be treated like riffraff. A judge who is responsible for traffic court will probably be bored and tired of dealing with people. He or she will be glad to see someone who is professional who is contesting a speeding ticket. If you impress the judge, you can win.

Step #4: Always be polite, always be nice, and always be thorough. Kindness helps everyone. Perhaps you can plead to a lesser charge. Did you know that the one thing the court system wants more than anything is money? Of course it is…at least in traffic court this is the case. So, you can get out of a speeding ticket, many times, by agreeing to a different set of terms when you are contesting a speeding ticket. Sometimes the fee will be expensive, but, the court and government get their money, and you don’t have points go on your license.traffic ticket attorney

Step #5: Never admit that you were speeding. I’ve seen people do this all the time. Your Honor, I was written a ticket for going 17 miles over the speed limit. I was only going 12 miles per hour over!

While technically you are “not guilty” of speeding at 17 miles over the speed limit, it doesn’t matter! The judge (and prosecutor) and police officer will all laugh—either inside our out loud because you just admitted that you WERE speeding. They don’t technically care that it was off by 5mph.

If you are considering contesting a speeding ticket then you need to know these strategies up front.

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I wish you success in getting out of your ticket!
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How to choose an Attorney to represent you

How To Choose The Right Car Accident Attorney In The U.S.?

chooseanattorneyGetting into a car accident is unavoidable. It is either you are the culprit or you are the victim. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure; you do need to seek legal assistance especially if it involves physical injuries or damage to a property. Be sure you hire the right advocate to help you out.

The following are the factors to consider in choosing the right car accident attorney in the US: @ http://www.board-certified-attorneys.com
1. Experienced.

First, you want to make sure that the lawyer you are going to hire has years of experience under his sleeves. You would want someone who does know what he is doing and will not run around the bush in order and later on get disappointed with the outcome. The more experienced a lawyer is, the better it is for you. This means you will get indemnified for the damage fast or win the case if anything arises. Visit our website

2. Have won majority of the cases he handled.

Why is it important to deal with a lawyer who has won cases? This means that the probability for you to win the case (if any) is higher. You will not be having doubts as to whether or not he is the right person to go to and ask legal assistance from or not. By this alone, you can safely say to yourself you are in good hands and everything will be alright.

3. Good relationship with the client.

Third on the list would be the lawyer having a reputation of having good relationship with his clients in the past. Although, the relationship between a lawyer and client is confidential and revolves around trust, you want to make sure that you are dealing with a car accident attorney who does know how to handle a client. Yes, regardless of what your status is, and the circumstances revolving around the case (if any) you should be treated the way a client should be treated.

4. Affordable fee.

Last on the list would be going for a lawyer who is charging reasonable and affordable attorney’s fee. We do know that hiring the best would cost you a lot of money. But this does not mean that you could not get a lawyer who can do the same thing as those who are the best. All it takes is for you to go to a lawyer wherein you can afford to pay his fee. Some lawyers do charge on a per diem while others are on a per hour basis. It depends upon the lawyer. If you are tight and on a budget, better keep an eye to those lawyers with whom you can afford their legal services.

At the end of the day, getting yourself into a car accident is a serious matter. There should be legal assistance in order to expedite the process. It is very important that you do hire the right car accident attorney in the U.S. In this way, getting paid for the damages or winning the case will be done the soonest. More information here: