26 Mar

Role Of Attorney To Get Compensation From Drowsy Truckers

One of the important reasons for the accidents is the trucks and its drowsy drivers. The prime reason for this type of accident is the target time that is given by the truck owners. But many people are not aware of the fact that there are some laws that govern truck driving. These laws will ensure the accidents caused by these vehicles are prevented, and the safety of the people is ensured. 18-wheeler accident attorneys will be qualified for handling the cases that are related to this problem in an efficient manner. When an accident occurs, not only the driver but also the truck company will be sued for the crime. This is a federal law so the case can be filed in the federal court.

These rules were enforced in the year of 1939 and from the day one, the safety of the drivers on road was increased by leaps and bounds. The number of truck accidents occurring increased mainly due to the overspeeding and continuous driving of the drivers. Later, a law was created stating that a driver can drive only for 11 hours in a 14 hours working day. A break of 30 minutes should be taken by the driver during the driving time. It is a rule that a driver can drive only for 70 hours per week and after which he cannot drive. A rest of at least 10 hours a day is essential. If the limit is reached by the driver before the end of week, then he can restart driving only in the next week. A notable case in the last year is the Walmart Truck Driver that proved to have been behind the wheel of his big rig for over 28 hours. He caused a tragic accident that took the live of Tracy Morgans friend and left him severely brain-damaged. Tracy Morgan settled with Walmart for a not disclosed amount of money. Visit our website here

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