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Notable Auto Accident Attorney Services

Glendale-Personal-Injury-Lawyers-e1461345267949Car accidents happen very commonly in the recent days, so it is essential to be precautious. It is believed that accidents cannot be stopped unless the driver is highly vigilant and follows all the rules mentioned by the law. If a person undergoes an accident, then it will change the remaining life of the victim. So it is necessary to provide compensation for the victim without causing any trouble. But, if a person is not providing the right compensation, then the victim can move this problem to the court so that he can get justice. In certain cases, the accidents become fatal making it nearly impossible for the victim’s family to recover from the loss. In such cases, compensations will be the only option that can support the family.

Not all the people will be aware of the laws related to the accidents and in such places the auto accident attorney will come to the rescue. When a person meets an accident, it will not be easy for the person to recover from the wounds and trauma caused by the accident and in such situations, the car accident lawyer will take care of all the legal actions on behalf of the victim making it easy for him to get the justice. Before getting help from an attorney, it is essential to check his background and track record so that there are no problems or regrets in the future. The experience of the attorney will play an important role in winning the case. So always, go for the best option to ensure a win. Find your self a local Car Accident Attorney, preferably one that is board certified in personal injury.

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26 Mar

Role Of Attorney To Get Compensation From Drowsy Truckers

One of the important reasons for the accidents is the trucks and its drowsy drivers. The prime reason for this type of accident is the target time that is given by the truck owners. But many people are not aware of the fact that there are some laws that govern truck driving. These laws will ensure the accidents caused by these vehicles are prevented, and the safety of the people is ensured. 18-wheeler accident attorneys will be qualified for handling the cases that are related to this problem in an efficient manner. When an accident occurs, not only the driver but also the truck company will be sued for the crime. This is a federal law so the case can be filed in the federal court.

These rules were enforced in the year of 1939 and from the day one, the safety of the drivers on road was increased by leaps and bounds. The number of truck accidents occurring increased mainly due to the overspeeding and continuous driving of the drivers. Later, a law was created stating that a driver can drive only for 11 hours in a 14 hours working day. A break of 30 minutes should be taken by the driver during the driving time. It is a rule that a driver can drive only for 70 hours per week and after which he cannot drive. A rest of at least 10 hours a day is essential. If the limit is reached by the driver before the end of week, then he can restart driving only in the next week. A notable case in the last year is the Walmart Truck Driver that proved to have been behind the wheel of his big rig for over 28 hours. He caused a tragic accident that took the live of Tracy Morgans friend and left him severely brain-damaged. Tracy Morgan settled with Walmart for a not disclosed amount of money. Visit our website here

18 Feb

Ideas To Deal With DWI

It is essential for a driver to undergo DWI test, and if a person refuses to undergo this test, then he will not be eligible to drive in various states in the country. When a driver does this mistake for the first time, he will be prohibited from driving for at least one to six months. If the driver is tested and the blood has alcohol content more than the allowed limit i.e. 0.08, then the driver can be arrested immediately. Even though the person is caught for this offense for the first time, the punishment will be severe. The punishments might include hefty fine, sentenced to jail for about one year or canceling of the license. It will not be very easy to free from the DWI charges.

The only hope that is left for the attorney in order to save the client is if the officer has committed any sort of mistake while arresting. There are procedures to arrest the citizen, and if it is not maintained, then the charges might be dismissed. In this type of cases, only the experienced attorneys will be aware of the available loopholes. Some of the ways that will be used in order to free the client from charge include suppress the driver’s statements, challenge the field sobriety test done, challenge the procedure, challenge the results of breathalyzer, sometimes stopping the driver can be told illegal and so on. If any of these is proved true, then it will be easy to save the client without many complications.

03 Jan

Need To Call Car Accident Lawyer

Texas Auto Accident Attorney

As a Truck Accident Lawyer< / Car Accident Attorney I have had the privilege of successfully representing individuals who have been injured as the result of others negligence while driving an Car or truck for 29 years in Texas. There are many reasons for such collisions, but rarely are they an “accident”. The reasons vary from simply daydreaming, to texting, to intoxication and more. The results are unfortunately the same, you have now been forced to suffer because of someone else not showing responsible while driving an automobile. Visit our website

You do have many rights in regard to the crash:

Medical treatment: You have had or will have medical expenses as a result and these will continue. Under the Texas law your own automobile insurance will initially cover at least a portion of your expenses. The actual amount that your own insurance company will vary with the policy you purchased. I will be glad to review your policy and explain what you are entitled to receive and make suggestions on how you may improve your coverage. Remember that Texas has very weak laws in regard to mandatory automobile insurance and you need to protect yourself.

Any unpaid medical bills will be the responsibility of the driver that injured you.

Many times an injured person is worried about running up a medical bill or unable to pay medical bills as they go through treatment. I am many times able to find a doctor to provide treatment and who will wait until the conclusion of the case to be paid, so that you will not need to pay as you go, but still get the medical treatment you need and deserve.

Damage to your vehicle: Property damage insurance in Texas is mandatory. The process of having your vehicle repaired is a simple one.

Pick out the body shop that you want and have them do the repairs. You have the absolute right to have your vehicle repaired where you want, no one else can tell you different.

Many times the insurance company for the negligent driver will recommend, provide incentives, guarantees or in the extreme cases demand that you go to a shop of it’s choosing. Do not go to any shop you recommended by an insurance company! These shops have prior agreements with the insurance company and you will lose control of the repair of your vehicle and will get a substandard repair as a result.

You may also be entitled to recover for any diminished value to your vehicle as a result of being in a collision.

What you are entitled to for your injuries: There are a number of items that you are entitled to recover as a result of your injury:

Unpaid medical expenses: Any unpaid medical expenses are the responsibility of the negligent driver. These range from the amount above the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) to all medical expenses if you did not carry PIP insurance.

Lost Wages: PIP will pay 60% of your lost wages and the negligent driver will be responsible for the balance.

Pain and suffering and other intangible claims: If your injuries continue you will be entitled to recover for your other injuries, such as pain and suffering, mental anguish, inconvenience and other changes in your life due to the injuries you suffered in the accident.

Miscellaneous expenses: You are entitled to recover for any other expenses that you incur as a result of the collision, these are items such as prescriptions, medical devices etc.
Legal Representation for Accident Victims

Find your self a competent local Car Accident Attorney and let them have it. Attack is the best defense. visit our site @ http://texastruckaccidentattorneys.com/car-accidents
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